British Saanen

We bought our first two goats in 1985 from Miss Joy Rutter’s Sandalwood Herd and the M line are direct descendants (twelve generations now) from one of those two; Sandalwood Saki. A further family (the D line) was added in 2010 with the purchase of Toddbrook Diamond, as a kid, bought entirely on the strength of her dam CH R256 Toddbrook Valaquenta Q*.

Anglo Nubian

Over the years we had several forays into Anglo Nubians, but it was the purchase of Mallow Bartsia, again as a kid, from Vera Newman’s Mallow herd in 1998 that established them firmly in the herd. With the addition of several Dutch imports from Goffe de Boers then Von Oudewoude's herd (all carrying American lines) we now have three families – the A’s, the B’s and the Ch’s who fortunately seem to nick together very well.

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CH §140/120 † Mineshop Chabela BrCh AN035081D

SM CH Ashdene Mario BrCh BS042859D

CH Imported Almas BrCh AN034477DI

§128/138 † Mineshop Aaron BrCh AN035725D

§§226/197 Mineshop Murdo BS043823DA

CH R140 Imported Chaviva Q* BrCh AN034476DI

CH AR195 Mineshop Dayleah Q*2 BrCh BS043044D

RM 170 Mineshop Bellynda Q*2 BrCh AN033988D

CH R206 Mineshop Mulberrie Q* BrCh

Ch AR188 Mineshop Madelaine Q*10 BrCh BS043514D

AR216 Mineshop Maia *10 BrCh BS043825D

Mineshop Nasturtium BBGS 0.8133.S



I started at Mineshop in May 2019, after moving to Ely from Shropshire. I grew up in Warwickshire where my mum bought a couple of goats after finding out that I was lactose intolerant. Being able to stomach the goats milk due to it being easier to digest lead to the foundation of the Holdbrook herd. The herd ended up being predominantly Anglo Nubians and still is to this day. Over the years I would help with the goats from daily jobs through to showing being actively encouraged by my parents. I briefly had my own Prefix of the Nattys herd.

Growing up I was always very science minded and wanted to be a vet. This was confirmed after completing my work experience from school at a veterinary practice. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make the grades at A level having studied Chemistry, Biology and Maths. I ended up studying a BSc(Hons) in Bioveterinary Sciences at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Being from the countryside I used to volunteer every weekend on Mudchute city farm just to get away from everything. Helping to look after a wide range of animals.

This was a gateway degree for veterinary medicine, learning things from anatomies via dissections and how the various organs and systems functioned within the body. In my third year I specialised in Advanced Reproduction, Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Pharmacology. The final part of this degree was a laboratory-based research project which was entitled 'The Role of Thiol Isomerases in the Regulation of Human Umbilical Vascular Endothelial Cell Motility' which was something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Whilst studying at University I completed my AI course for the goats which was ran by the British Goat Society, so hold my license for AI.

I had hoped to do Veterinary Medicine after but narrowly missed out. Upon completing my degree, I moved to Shropshire where I helped with a herd of British Alpine/AOV goats milking around 20 by hand at one point. This also involved helping with some Hereford and Hereford X cows.

After a few years I established a herd of British Alpines with the odd Anglo Nubian thrown in, which were kept in the back garden at my house near the Welsh Borders in Minsterley. The numbers were always kept to around 10. Whilst living there I started working as a Microbiologist, which involved testing food samples for suppliers before they could go to the Supermarkets. Testing for such things as Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli. This work was fairly interesting, but I was always more interested in being able to work with animals.

I was lucky enough that the opportunity arose to come and work for Chris at Mineshop. This meant that I was able to leave the world of Microbiology behind and be able to do something for a job that I really enjoy doing. At present we are busy kidding with 7 having kidded already, with another 9 to go.

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